Nicoli Cervantez
Owner/Managing Director
Patricia Cervantez
Owner/Design Consultant
Patricia has been in the tile industry since birth, because she comes from a family entrepreneurs and her father had his own tile business for 40. She graduated from Austin Business School and worked in geriatrics for almost 10 years. One of her passions is to serve others and bring quality service in every area. She is married to Nicoli and has 5 children.
Pete Rodriguez​
Warehouse Manager​
Stephanie Parker-Guajardo
Sales Manager
Stephanie is the sales manager for Texas Tile Works with 25+ years of experience in the retail industry. She has a magnetic presence in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and energy to encourage others and guide them towards success. She aims to spark creativity, trust, and confidence through every experience and provide satisfaction to its best.
Cory Sorrells
Cory is originally from Austin and has worked in the growth strategy, sales and marketing industry for 5 years helping companies. He loves anything that has to do with automotive. He is a loving husband to his wife Amanda along with their 3 children. Loves to fellowship with new and old friends.
Aaron Palla
Project Leader
Aaron Palla grew up in Bastrop and is currently the worship leader at a local church. He loves his wife Kayla and their 5 children. Aaron believes if he can lead his 5 children, then he is able to lead anything. He is the project lead at Texas Tile Works and manages projects along with the employees.
Shanna Caffey
Sales Representative
Shanna Caffey has been in the customer service field for over 15 years.  She has never met a stranger and loves being able to help people whenever she can.  She currently enjoys assisting customers at Texas Tile Works in their home improvement needs.  Shanna has a strong relationship with Jesus and her family.  She enjoys spending time with her family, serving in her church, and spending time with her dog Lucy.  ​
Elias Hernandez​
Fabricator/Lead installer​
Elias has been fabricating for over 20 years and loves working at Texas Tile Works.
Carlos Torres
Lead Installer
Carlos has been setting tile for over 25 years and has 3 children that live in Austin. He has been a loyal employee since being here for Texas Tile Works.
Jp Soriano​
Samantha Medina
Technology Nerd
Samantha Medina has been a nerd ever since she was a little girl. She started learning to code around 10 years old on her MySpace profile. She quickly gained a passion for designing custom websites and helping companies grow. She currently enjoys assisting Texas Tile works and other companies with any technology and software needs. Her relationship with Jesus Christ, and her family, are her true and ultimate joys in life.
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